Hand rolled, boiled in organic honey, and wood fired bagels. Baked fresh, these bagels go through a brief cooldown period that allows for us to then ship directly to your table.

Hand rolled, baked in The Mud Club's wood fired oven, on handmade bagel peels from the woods of the Hudson Valley. There’s nothing quite like the mud club.

Our bagels are always exuding of expression; no single bagel is ever the same. None are rolled by machine, all are rolled by Hand.

Each bagel is baked on a white oak peel, that we make ourselves from sustainable use of our forest oaks. The fuel we use is only ever wood, sourced responsibly from both our forests and those of our friends.

About Us

The Mud Club Bakery
features wood fired Bagels in a Montreal - New York hybrid, as well as hand made day-fresh Pastries and Organic Coffees.

For the evenings, we offer a wood fired Sourdough pizza program. We feature a 42 hour sourdough fermentation, and a single cook process which gives us only the finest crusts.

Please consider visiting either our Woodstock or Beacon locations,

We like to feature quality ingredients and our customers can rest assured that they will receive only the freshest nosh.


The Mud Club